Various Artists – UNUS MUNDUS

Various Artists – UNUS MUNDUS




ULVAE – Fungus Among Us (146)
2. FUZULU – Chinese Takout (148)
3. JANGARAMONGARA – Effected Droid (148)
4. CHROMATEC – Unus Mundus (152)
5. TRAXON – Boomreasca (148)
6. LYSERGZWERG – V-A UNUS MUNDUS (VHRCDHS001) – 06 Zauberwald (150)
7. THERANGE FREAK – V-A UNUS MUNDUS (VHRCDHS001) – 07 Shiva Power (148)
8. FRACTAL COWBOYS – V-A UNUS MUNDUS (VHRCDHS001) – 08 Cloak of Blazar (148)
9. SUNCHILD – V-A UNUS MUNDUS (VHRCDHS001) – 09 Zerp In (150)


Interconnected quantum shamanic tribes interrelations,
Sharing of communal rituals in various sacred traditions,
Medicine wheel initiating dream journeying vision quests,
Contact with supernatural beings of spirit world well met,
Ecstatic ghost dancing channeling animal totems visioning,
Synergetic fusions of inner and outer realities co-existing,
Scattering all past and future possibilities emerging,
Perceive multidimensional fractal light key of consciousness,
Flashes of inspiring mystic insights in liquid awareness,
Holographic 19:19 psionic portal pyramid of crystal matrix’s,
Conscious activation of 19 double terminated quartz crystals,
Honouring these powerful 6th dimensional meditation tools,
Quantum tribes in sync with 19 circles in flower of life mystical.
Mastered by Blisargon , Bhooteshwara studios, Macedonia
Compiled by: Otkun & Leohawk
Artwork by Sempiternal Esoterica (Canada)


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