Various Artists – QUANTUM TRAVELER

Various Artists – QUANTUM TRAVELER



1. FOMENTH – Remaking Bubbles ((147))
2. PROPAGUL & WIDER – Apsalem feat WIDER ((148))
3. WINDOWPAIN – The Shelter ((148))
4. OPENMIND – Ritual of Sila ((152))
5. ANUBIAN – V-A QUANTUM TRAVELER (VHRCD002) – 05 Awareness ((148))
6. DIGITAL ABSTRACT – Futile Purpose ((154))
7. BAND CRASH – Skape ((150))
8. SPORE – V-A QUANTUM TRAVELER (VHRCD002) – 04 Melted Shapes (152)
9. GREENIX – Key to Mordors ((152))


We are all quantum travelers. We, in this universe, regularly move forward through time, as we understand it. With memories and recollections, and rarely through visions of the future, time becomes a bit more fluid for us. We travel, if only in our minds, throughout time. Through space we are a more obvious traveler.

Disc Info:
Compiled by Dj AUTEL (Italy)
Artwork by SHIVA OM (Ukrania)
Mastering by DIGITALX


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