1. UruKai – Primitive Instinct
2. UruKai – Doomed
3. UruKai – Adapa


Adapa was an important figure in Mesopotamian mystery schools. His name would be used to invoke power in exorcism rituals. He also became an archetype for a wise ruler. In that context, his name would be invoked to evoke favorable comparisons.

Adapa was a mortal man, a sage or priest of the temple of Ea in the city of Eridu. Ea (sometimes considered his father) had given Adapa the gift of great wisdom but not eternal life.

While carrying out his duties, he was fishing the Persian Gulf. The sea became rough by the strong wind, and his boat was capsized. Angry, Adapa « broke the wings of the south wind » preventing it from blowing for seven days. The god Anu called Adapa to account for his action, but Ea aided him by instructing Adapa to gain the sympathy of Tammuz and Gishzida, who guard the gates of heaven and not to eat or drink there, as such food might kill him. When offered garments and oil, he should put the clothes on and anoint himself.

Adapa puts on mourning garments, tells Tammuz and Gishzida to be in mourning because they have disappeared from the land. Adapa is then offered the « food of life » and « water of life » but will not eat or drink. Then garments and oil are offered, and he does what he had been told. He is brought before Anu, who asks why he will not eat or drink. Adapa replies that Ea told him not to. Anu laughs at Ea’s actions, and passes judgment on Adapa by asking rhetorically, « What ill has he [Adapa] brought on mankind? » He adds that men will suffer disease as a consequence, which Ninkarrak (Nintinugga) may ally. Adapa is then sent back down to earth. The ending of the text is missing.


released July 28, 2020

Mastering by: DigitalX
Artwork by Sempiternal Esoterica
Label: Voodoo Hoodoo


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