We are living as radio “receivers” in a kaleidoscopic sea of frequencies.

Voodoo Hoodoo is a Psytrance electronic music label in full growth. It is the brainchild of music industry connoisseurs who share a refreshing and respectful love for intelligent dance music, representing a unique cultural movement around the world. Founded and based in Montreal since 2015, our main goal is to distribute music. We want to make people discover a new universe through music. A mixture of tribal music, traditional percussive and advanced technology as well as to give his audience an experience of expansion of consciousness and transcendence through experimental audio-visual content. With his 150+ albums, Voodoo Hoodoo acts as a music distributor but also as an artist management agency :

Today, we are proud to collaborate with more than 300 artists in over 40 countries.

A big thank you to all our artists who bring their magick in our family

**Please if we forget your name contact us **